Pharmacist Answers


A team of Pharmacists run an Ask Me Anything style website where anyone can ask a licensed Pharmacist any drug related question. Someone from the team of Pharmacists would answer the question in 24 hours. After several years of success, Pharmacist Answers wanted to expand their website into a Drug Search Engine and Drug Interaction Checker.

The client has a goal of making medical information available on the internet that is easy for the end user to understand 


The client provided the proprietary Elsevier Gold Standard Drug Database which was then transformed into a custom SQL Database. This database is updated nightly so the website is always using the latest and greatest data provided by the Gold Standard Drug Database.

The solution was built as a de-coupled Website and API project which gives an end result of a powerful website that is easily extensible for other solutions such as a stand alone mobile app


A powerful drug search engine and drug to drug interaction checker with a load of over 5 million requests a day. The project was built for future enhancements with plans for a Mobile App that can be bolted onto the existing database.